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Healthcare Intervention Savings

What is the size of the financial savings, or costs, produced by a medical product / service / intervention? What is the potential size of savings?

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Santa Barbara Actuaries is an actuarial and healthcare consulting firm specializing in cutting-edge predictive modeling and analytics. We use our skills and experience to help guide our clients to optimal decisions, interventions, and results.

Our Services

Our Services

Santa Barbara Actuaries offers a wide variety of actuarial and healthcare consulting services. Please contact us for additional inquiries.

Financial Outcomes Evaluation

Accurately measure the result or value of a healthcare intervention

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Gain sharing and shared savings arrangement evaluation

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Value Prop Assessment

Deploy and quantify ROI

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Create, sell, and defend a financial value story for a healthcare product

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Engagement Optimization

Get the right members to join a intervention program

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Actuarial and analytical support for healthcare related lawsuits

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General Actuarial Support

Pricing, reserving, and plan design expertise

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