Health Talk: How to Ensure You Are Paid for the Value You Create

Ian Duncan, the president of Santa Barbara Actuaries, speaks at UCSF Rosenman Institute on March 31st, 2022. He discusses the variability of value-based contracts, the different outcomes that can occur, and how to lower the risk of underpaying or overpaying. Registration is required on the provided link below.

3rd Annual InsurTech Summit

Registration has opened for the 3rd Annual UCSB InsurTech Summit on Friday January 28, 2022.

SBA's Andrew Mackenzie FSA MAAA CERA will be speaking about Payment Accuracy in Value Based Care.

The 2022 Summit will be virtual-only and is free with registration.

Making the Case for Your Value Proposition to Payers

Ian Duncan joins the UCSF Rosenman Institute as a guest speaker for the D-Series. In this session Ian will tell us about all the key points that healthcare companies need to take into consideration when planning their reimbursement and payer strategies.

Predictive Modeling in Healthcare; Promise and Peril

Healthcare innovation has been accelerating. But with all this innovation, why do healthcare costs continue to escalate?

Medical Coding: The Language of Healthcare Reimbursement

This session will cover: the code sets used in medical coding, types of correct coding policies implemented by CMS and commercial payers, payment integrity strategies to drive health plan affordability, data analytics approaches leveraging medical coding knowledge

Frontiers of Machine Learning Models for Actuarial Applications

Overview of several new modeling types including Bayesian additive models and NLP

Diversity and Inclusion in Actuarial Employment

Presented at 2020 SOA Health Meeting, session 4

How Predictive Analytics Is Poised to Reshape the Healthcare Industry

SOA Webcast

Leveraging Real-World Data to Enhance Existing Actuarial Analytics

Presented at the 2019 SOA Health Meeting, session 133

Intrapreneurs in Health Insurance

Presented at the 2019 SOA Health Meeting, session 120

Buzz Group, Managed Care - Next Steps to Reduce Healthcare Costs

Presented at 2019 SOA Health Meeting, session 71