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Senior Data Engineer

Job Type

Full Time


  • Manage, and improve upon, existing healthcare claims data warehouses

  • Bring the engineering expertise to build first-class healthcare claims data warehouses from scratch (note      that the firm already has in house expertise around data use, quality assessment, and reporting design. What we are looking for is coding, deployment, and engineering optimization)

  • Communicate with internal and external stakeholders with various levels and domains of expertise and data engineering knowledge

  • Manage external analyst and engineering resources

  • Help us improve the healthcare system by finding and optimizing efficiency gains


  • Knowledge of warehouse development in Azure, AWS, and/or GCP

  • Coding expertise

  • API expertise

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills


  • Experience with Snowflake

  • Experience with healthcare claims and eligibility data

  • Demonstrated ability to translate tech lingo into laymen’s terms

About the Company

We are a small (~25 person) actuarial, health economics, and data science company that quantifies value creation in healthcare and assists in driving efficiencies in healthcare delivery. In so doing, we play an important role in advancing the Triple Aim of Healthcare: better care for individuals, better health for populations, and lower per capita costs. With over 60 peer reviewed articles and 2 textbooks, we are well published in the space of healthcare predictive analytics and outcomes measurement. Our business control cycle starts with quantifying opportunity for improvements, then moves to retrospectively measuring actual outcomes due to disruptions in the medical ecosystem, and then moves to optimizing those disruptions through the use of big data and predictive analytics. Our clients include medical device companies, care management programs, provider groups, payers, and governments.

As our predictive models have scaled, we’ve recognized the need to add data engineering expertise to our team to assist with managing the data warehouses we’ve built as well as expanding our capabilities in this area.

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